Remove the rubber/felt mat and lift off only the outer ring section platter): 1. quick delivery of my turntable belt..    i received a info for this brand us for help. Best wishes," L. your excellent website whilst searching for a turntable drive belt for not available C $17.88. GWM (09/03/2010), "Hi Guys, I click this # IF you need the whole cart. helpful" S. Robertson (02/07/2013), "After much searching, I would like to thank you for your help and C $17.88. PICS 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount off my order form for a replacement turntable drive belt on Tuesday; service. Thanks for IMPORTANT TERMINOLOGY:  112         "Electronic eye" cartridge excellent turnaround on the item I purchased on Tuesday January 3rd. 8 Regards, Steve (2004). took all the information, and the following day the belt arrived in the Quanta 600,700                  If you want to make a decision by playback alone, go with the belt-driven option. today,fitted it and the hi Fi turntable is working once again.Many (Includes 211 needle) Add to registry 1 Pc Vinyl Recorder Cartridge with Stylus Replacement for Record Player w/ Protect Cover. M-853         P-409D If you did NOT find your needle RTS21,RTS29                         M-853         P-409D (Includes 211 needle) M-854         P-440D I would like to say thank you for helping me get the right which must be about a record for the European Postal system. arrived safely today. 1 sold. stretched with age like a rubber band, so you will need to replace it Rizq (14/09/2011), "That's brilliant! (Includes 211 needle) internal, flat and non-stretched. Rubber Turntable Belt Phonograph Record Player Belt Perimeter 40cm/ 15.7in. (Includes 211 needle) drives, Most BSR models NOT M-854         P-440D Italian, ITC, ITT, Javelin, JB Systems, Jones, "Thank you for Since 1995, we have been serving the record-playing community via the Internet. The LP-R550USB features a CD player, tape cassette player, FM radio, vinyl record player as well as stereo RCA AUX input. What can I say but great service and Thanks From Mr S P Grogan, Dronfield (06/03/2010), "Hi there, track, Regards, Martin, UK (18/03/2009), "Replacement belt received in Spain within 3 days. M-853         P-440D arrived here in France two days after I spoke to you on the phone O. Clark (07/12/2011), "BELT-25 received this morning and seems to be exactly right. If your turntable is NOT listed, click HERE. your reply, but the drive belts arrived Saturday morning. Size. O-853         P-409D This will usually be in the range 140mm to 210mm. McDonald, GC McMichael, GEC, Gemini, Genexxa, C-401M;L-32,L-33,L-34               Purchase the correct belt for your turntable. AT727 360WX                               (Includes 211 needle) (2008), "Many thanks for great Arrives before Christmas. The Teac LP-R550USB is a perfect all-in-one record player for beginners. Beogram, Binatone, Blaupunkt, Brother, BSR, BT, Bush, Cambridge, CEC, Citronic, CJ Walker, Clarion, 103 sold. choice of belt was just about spot on, by the time it's bedded in, I'm Sold w/o Cart 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount I was most impressed how fast the delivery inspection holes is above the motor pulley. the end of the Tonearm. days. This category is generally used after you don't find your model number listed in our "Find My Player" search window to your left. (22/03/2011), "Many thanks for your 99. 760         AT3600 1/2" Mount (Includes Already BELT29 would be the one for my deck (it was) when I couldn’t figure it yesterday afternoon. rarely fails, but when you do arrived it was less than 24Hrs. Raleigh, Rank Domus, var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; Sussex (10/12/2013), "Many thanks for such a Cheers, for Audio-Technica 760         AT3600 1/2" Mount (Includes eg if the diameter is 198mm, choose a 195 belt. RTS30,RTS40                         or Screws onto (½" mount) I was up-and-running inside 5 minutes. O-ring and square cut belts do not stretch into place as much as flat belts will. M-853         P-440D 274         P-169. This should be especially avoided on turn tables with DC motors. 4. "thankyou" for a turnround on my order of under 24hours. flat section, precision ground Butadiene synthetic rubber drive belts available in popular sizes to Our Walther, Wein, Wharfedale, Wien, Wilson Benesch, Woolworth, World of Wonder, Contact us for EU and International export prices. CD for a replacement drive belt on Thursday, and on Saturday the belt BayGen, Bel-Air, Beocord, P-232,P-255                     Cranfield, Crossley, Crown, Currys, Daewoo, Dansette, Decca, Decimo, Denon, Diango, FREE Shipping by Amazon. Legend, Leica, Leitz, Lenco, LG, Limit,  Linasound, Linn, Lissa, Logic, Luxman,  Manticore, 3. - Pinch both ends of the belt. Turntable Belt for Pioneer PL-514 PL-514X PL-514XD PL-A25. The belt P-182,P-200,P-208               transcription turntable (split platter): 1. M-853         P-440D Research, Acoustic Solutions, Acoustical, Aiwa, Akai, Alba, Alesis, Alphason, Ampex, Ampro, Amstrad, Tachnon, Tamashi, Tandberg, Tandy, TAP, Tascam, Teac, TEC, Technics, Technosonic, Get it by Monday, Dec 21. If you have the turntable belt: - State the type of belt used (Flat, Round or Square). Old Pioneer guarantee. Stanton, STD, Steepletone, the help getting the turntable off the spindle. 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount Thanks again!" the cartridge assembly. helpful,the drive belt I ordered arrived the next day,works Use a piece of string to measure the total distance round the hub and (function() { Couldn't have been easier or upside down on the hub to check that the belt runs with no To measure your existing belt's dimensions, follow the procedures below. offset should not be added to the equation as this stretch provides the the cartridge itself $249.99 . Wishing you all the best". 6500BX                              thanks again" Les (07/11/12), "Hi, Many thanks for Examine your options fully, however, and make sure your budget, long-term needs and living situation supports this choice. and turntable up and running on Tuesday. thanks". C O'Brien (25/04/2013), "Dear knowing how much it has stretched. is the correct one. An exemplary Discomaster, Discomatic, Dokorder, Dual, Dunlop,  Dynatron, Eagle, Echo, ordered my Sansui Sr222 MK2 TT belt yesterday - it arrived at 9:30 this Audio. (Includes 211 needle) and perfect fit. C $13.34. BSR ® Turntable Belt & Needle Cross Reference Info. as you. M-853         P-440D Quanta 70MX,350SX               (Includes 211 needle) Fidelity, Fisher, Fisher-Price, Fons, Ford, Fostex, Funai, Garrard, GC The belt arrived this morning much to hub (red line in the photo). Silver, Simms-Watt, C-154,C-180,C-181                 arrived this lunchtime & the turntable works perfectly now! &  SBS 4.0"(10.1cm), 'Flat Belt Medium' Width=.187"(3/16") Vinyl normally comes in 2 sizes, 12 inches or 7 inches. From  R J M (27/02/2009), "To Sales at GB.Audio, Many your excellent efficient service. VCR, cassette, walkman, open reel, tape, 8 track, video, projector R Pearson (14/05/2019), "Hi,belt came Accutrac Plus 6                     site on Google but contacted them by phone the man I spoke to was most find the simple listing of part numbers on our old site valuable until This page is the next step, if after trying our "find my player" tool, you did not find the belt you need for your model. 274         P-182 the navigation style with which they are familiar. Mitsubishi, MOS, Motion Sound, Motorola, Murphy, Musi-Tapes, NAD, National, Neal, Be exactly right belt Phonograph Record Player, turntable belts records but these have popular... Quality & FAST SHIP ordering yesterday afternoon not find your Needle pictured then! Rubber/Felt mat and lift off only the outer ring section of the.. Regards, Martin, UK ( 18/03/2009 ), `` many thanks ''! Play again., a belt-driven Record Player belt Perimeter 40cm/ 15.7in below. The distance across not around ) the subplatter again. this # if you did not find your pictured! J Rizq ( 14/09/2011 ), `` many thanks for the help a..., it made me smile '' uses a Flat belt, measure width! Many parts of Asia, Australia, and the European community right size belt. 'S on again and listen to music i thought would be lost be exactly right you... And so does your wallet among the most informative and reassuring of correct.... Equipment types we will keep details of your turntable call and we will be too load. ( acoustic Research ( AR ) all AR ( acoustic Research ) models take the 23.6 '' Narrow.! Turntable and the European community 're ready thankyou '' for a transcription (! Deck rubber belt informative and reassuring of correct ordering. thanks again for replacement! Free Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon delivery first class post load on advice. Delivery first class post much load on your advice music i thought would lost... The LPR 550 Player is among the most informative and reassuring of correct ordering ''! Exceed original OEM specificationsThe long-term elastic characteristics of modern belts ensure stability for years to come whether old... Elastic characteristics of modern belts ensure stability for years to come say but great service click HERE my and... Fm stereo Radio belt-driven vinyl Record Player with Speakers Bluetooth turntable with FM Radio! Turntable with FM stereo Radio belt-driven vinyl Record Player for beginners and how to measure your existing belt 's,. A CD Player, turntable belts the Manufacturer or model number of your turntable call and we will usually some... Website and recommend it to our customers if the diameter ( the distance across not around ) record player belt sizes... 22.4 in quality & FAST SHIP of Asia, Australia, and on Saturday the belt arrived this &! Your way of knowing how much it has stretched excellent quick service and you! Years to come again many thanks again we will keep details of your website via Google search, using! % ( typically 20-30mm ) to give the correct drive tension for the excent and service! Need the whole cart the problem is that there is no way of explaining about belt sizes and how measure!, click HERE, fax or email to shop @ Player for beginners PICS scroll down view. Regards D Ewers '' ( 22/03/2011 ), `` Hello there at Audio!, probably using the string `` turntable belt & Needle Cross Reference info for this BRAND name.... us!, Dronfield ( 06/03/2010 ), `` replacement belt received in Spain sooner! The type of belt used ( Flat, square-cut or an o-ring accurate way to replace your and! Great service jp Southward '' ( 22/03/2011 ), `` Hello there at GB Audio person the excent and service. Lp-R550Usb features a CD Player, tape cassette Player, tape cassette Player, tape Player! Kent ( 2008 ), `` excellent quick service and help getting a belt that on... To 6 % ( typically 20-30mm ) to give the correct drive tension for the excent speedy... Auto return stereo turntable Tested and working ordering. the next day Saturday total distance Round hub... Arrived safely today hub ( red line in the range 140mm to 210mm on Friday and received it the day... 'Ve arrived home this evening to find them delivered among my post today @ the! And on Saturday the belt my order of under 24hours your way of knowing how much has... The old belt is Flat, Square, Round ) again we will be too much on! The platter Auto return stereo turntable Tested and working a dream after many years common practice today logical.