My pizza guys might be like, "We're going to move back home." So that being said, I'm even monitoring how far we can go with the New Jersey spot, because I just want to maintain our standard even in this moment, even if that sounds silly. “I literally never had 30 customers in one day,” he said. Yeah. Throughout his flour experiments, he'… So, I don't think the people that would normally be concerned about coming in or thinking that they can get a pizza to-go anyway, unless we started doing citywide delivery. Thankfully, the maestro is back, and has enlisted Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske of Contra and Wildair for the wine, apps, and dessert. And also, I already got a sense the week before from some of the people that work for me that they did not really want to be out and about, and this was before the shutdown in Manhattan. Yeah. Una Pizza Napoletana is a beloved dine-in restaurant in New York City specializing in wood-fired pizzas, for which their simple but carefully selected ingredients are the star attraction. Tony Mangieri: Yeah. I think you only shut the New York location down, not the New Jersey one. My family is up in the city without me, and I'm doing what I got to do to survive this. I made the decision on a Sunday night. I'm more of an independent kind of a person. It's just not my nature. Mangieri almost changed his mind about going out West. His father, William, who died in 2007, was a union electrician. At Una Pizza Napoletana, the owner insisted on a custom-built wood-fired brick oven because he wanted to make pizza the original Neapolitan way, not the modified New York way. Ever-dedicated to his craft and to his customers and family, Mangieri tells us in this more recent, far-ranging video conversation that he has been sleeping at a friend’s house on the floor near the New Jersey restaurant, going in to make all the pies while standing up an e-commerce site on the fly and thinking about concepts such as contactless payment while his New York City location sits idle. Though both use wood-fired ovens, their pizzas belong to distinct genres. I mean the people down there are really pumped on us doing this and being there and having a place for people to go pick something up to bring home and eat. Mission accomplished. Tony Mangieri: Yeah. He's the owner of Una Pizza Napoletana, which is a beloved and well known pizza restaurant in New York City's Lower East Side. "For that caliber of chef to move to the heart of Atlantic Highlands — holy cow!" Open just three or four days a week, he sometimes shut the place down if he wasn't totally satisfied with the quality of the dough that day, no matter what the sign out front said. And the space is pretty neutral, like it could be a nice art museum cafe. Yeah, we now have two locations, and we went from New Jersey to New York City to California, back to New York and now one in New Jersey where we started again. Fritz Nelson: It is scary. I mean, I don't know. We have a very streamlined menu and operation, and we've been in business since 1996. Mangieri wouldn't say what his plans are for his current location in the city, but he's never operated more than one restaurant at a time, nor did he ever aspire to. Things are still kind of up in the air. **ISCRIVITI al CANALE di ITALIASQUISITA**Si può fare la pizza napoletana nel forno di casa? So, we'll see how far that can go. Una Pizza Napoletana is a restaurant with a lot of great (though pricey) component parts - the small plates, pizzas, and desserts are all really good. He was so orthodox he was almost heretical. Tony Mangieri: A little bit. It's not what I like. This time, Mangieri partnered with two of the city's hottest young chefs, Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske Valtierra. Even with that burst of interest, Sant Arsenio was not long for the world. So, definitely a dine-in kind of place. The real news should come first. His handmade dough, made with the best Sicilian sea salt available and premium Italian flour he bought from a guy who was selling it out of the trunk of his car, was naturally leavened by whatever wild yeasts happened to be passing through the neighborhood. In a 1997 "Dining Out" column she called Mangieri's old-school pizza "the ultimate gastronomic bliss.”. Martha Stewart’s 5 Best Meals of All Time. I hope this thing somehow works itself out. So, are your lease holders being flexible? I actually put my mind and heart in the thought that there's going to be this bailout that's going to save the day for me personally. Una Pizza Napoletana has made its rounds. Tony Mangieri: Right. More importantly, people are just pumped on it. And so I don't want to say one way or the other. So, you have to do your due diligence and find out which one is going to offer you the best setup, the best rates, the most streamlined depositing of your money. Well, first off, New York City in general I think is a city where the majority of all of us are living on the edge on a week to week basis to begin with. Pizzeria Mozza is a celebrated pizzeria. A kindred spirit, in the late ‘90s she was getting blowback herself for championing the then-nascent food revolution in a touristy part of the state where Clams Casino was still revered as haute cuisine. Pizza may be the ultimate takeout food, but not necessarily this pizza -- or so Mangieri worries, especially as he introduces new customers to his pies in suboptimal conditions. If Mangieri is the pizza pope (yet another title) then 91A First Ave., formerly the site of Julia’s restaurant, is the new address of his Sistine Chapel. The Restaurant Association is working on some things as well. How a skateboard-crazy, tattoo-wearing, punk rock-loving kid from Beachwood grew up to become one of the world’s most acclaimed pizza chefs is a fascinating and improbable story. And sadly, that also leads to not being able to run cool restaurants and be able to go make the kind of food and present the kind of things you want because you go in and you're under so much pressure and you're under such pressure with the rent that it becomes sink or swim pretty much before you even open the doors to start with. And I was like, "Oh my gosh, this is perfect." As someone who still makes all his dough each morning and virtually every pie that comes out of Una Pizza Napoletana's glistening, tiled oven, splitting his time between two sites in different states poses a steep challenge. Can I say that?” asked Wells, who has visited Atlantic Highlands twice and plans on coming back. And the cool thing with that spot is that I can easily do it down there by myself, so I'm basically doing it with myself and my friend that I opened it with and one other person that was local that's coming in and just handing the pizzas to the customers, and that's pretty much it. I think most people in New York, especially right now in the last week or so, or a couple of days, it's really gotten where I don't think most people are going out. It's sadly the case for most restaurants unless you're a super big corporate restaurant. I mean, obviously we don't make the same kind of money as you do when people sit down and buy a bottle of wine and all that. By Genevieve Villamora, Co-Owner, Bad Saint ... Anthony Mangieri, the chef of Una Pizza Napoletana and student of thin, charred... By Anthony Mangieri. So, it's a fine line. I mean I have enough backup that I can get through, but it's going to run lean. And it just kind of becomes across the board approach. So, that again is a whole new business model I think for myself and many restaurants that are even, I would say, tend towards being classified almost as fine dining. So, in a situation like this, I thought to myself, "What's the options here?" He limited his offerings to just four pizzas, made with the finest tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese, olive oil and other basic ingredients he could lay his hands on. Within the stark walls of … So, you closed the New York City one. 91 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716 I never built my life on that, so I'm not going to start now in a time of a so-called crisis. But now, because of the coronavirus, the New York restaurant is on hiatus, while the New Jersey one is defying the brand’s heritage as a dine-in shop, instead keeping the lights on as a takeout establishment. New. I mean, you have a very distinct and carefully crafted network of suppliers. The latest iteration of his famed Una Pizza Napoletana, which had its genesis in a Point Pleasant Beach strip mall in the late 1990s, could be ready to open in downtown Atlantic Highlands before the end of the summer, Mangieri said. The dedication and diligence owner Anthony Mangieri has put into his craft during the past couple of decades has earned him and his … That is the Neapolitan in me, I think. The buffalo mozzarella, which is somewhat essential to the pizza, is not available. I think many people in New York City are going to be pretty close to disaster if not already within a week of this happening last week. I mean, especially if they're saying that the shutdown might go until mid-May, June. If need be, I can do that. See what Karla L (karguez) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Dan Richer, for one, is counting down the days. On at least one occasion, a heated dispute with a customer turned comically physical, as Mangieri relates in a recent podcast interview with Brian Koppelman, a close friend, filmmaker and screenwriter who has featured Mangieri and his restaurant in his hit Showtime series “Billions.” You can hear Mangieri talk about his approach to pizza-making in the video below. In my brief time as a San Francisco resident, Una Pizza Napoletana has been something of a lifeline for me. And it looks like we made it for this thing. “I love New York City, I love California, and I love Italy,” Mangieri, now 47, told the Asbury Park Press in an exclusive interview at his current restaurant in New York’s Lower East Side. When Andrea Clurfeld of the Asbury Park Press reviewed a small Jersey Shore restaurant in 1997, she used the type of exuberant yet technical language one … It's like, "Boy, I like it." And I'm like, "God, I hope this doesn't become people's interpretation of the pizza for their first time ever to eat it like this." But other than that, for me and for Una Pizza, I would say no. "I never really wanted to leave," he said. So, we're doing it bare bones. Since then, the New York City location has been featured on Showtime’s megahit “Billions.” Mangieri’s and Una’s stars continued to rise. In the New York City location, what have you heard from customers? Undeterred, a bunch of his original Shore fans followed him wherever he went. But people down there have been really beautiful on supporting it. All it took was one bite to convince him that Mangieri ranked among the best of the best. “I’m not sure everybody knows how lucky we are,” said Harary, whose own career began in a pizzeria at age 11. There's things for your workers. It's not the way that I like to do business. “You either liked it or you didn’t,” observes Maisner, an artist and calligrapher from Bay Head who designed Una Pizza's logo. Mangieri actually moved in with relatives there for a while and studied from some of the old masters. I think The New York Times called it the best sit-down pizza joint in all five boroughs. Are they doing okay? I paid a few things that were necessary. Nothing for sure. We never have. Mangieri talked with us about why he chose the takeout route at the New Jersey location only, his challenges in finding some of his main ingredients reliably, the state of restaurants in New York City, how he is dealing with his employees, how he’s figuring out how to negotiate the expenses his New York restaurant continues to incur and the prospects and new ideas for when things turn back around. And actually, Tony just opened a new pizzeria in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Which ones are going to cut you out if you don't pay on time? These windows are on a hydraulic and I can just open one up, it's totally safe, no one can come into the restaurant, everyone can keep their distance. "I plan on making every pizza that's served there, so that kind of tells you where I'm going to end up," he said. I'm sleeping on floors at night to be able to do this. And it kind of has made me feel like definitely that thought that I always had since I was a kid of having a spot like that. Considering 90% of the landlords are overcharging everybody anyway and don't really handle things the way I think it should be handled to begin, maybe this will actually be a reset button for a lot of things in New York City and the rest of the country hopefully. And then at that point I was like, "All right, there's no money coming in. Nothing really concrete. The one in the Lower East Side, especially just the way it's built, the way it's set up. Tony Mangieri: Sure. From what I can see so far, most of them are ... And I don't want to say this in a negative way, but I don't know really what they're going to really end up doing at this point. So, we've had a couple versions and locations of that same restaurant over the years. Please try again later. Again, like myself and many of these smaller guys are doing whatever we got to do right now to survive. Fritz Nelson: Oh, wow. I'm not stopping them, because I would like to make some myself, not for nothing. There's more to it than just getting through this and going back to work. There are countless variables involved — the humidity, the fluctuating temperature of the water pipes, the season the flour was produced — and conditions change not just from one day to the next but from one hour, even one minute to the next. If you even spend more than 30 seconds taking a picture of your pasta, she comes out and yells at you for ... Because the food starts to not be as good. Una Pizza Napoletana is a beloved dine-in restaurant in New York City specializing in wood-fired pizzas, for which their simple but carefully selected ingredients are the star attraction. But I'm also wondering: Your New York City place is closed, and certainly you're not ordering inventory for it. Lower Manhattan. And honestly, I know this might sound silly in this time of crisis, but I'm also still concerned about the quality of the pizza. UNA PIZZA NAPOLETANA: Last Applicant/Owner: Mangieri, Anthony 175 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002 : Serial Number: 90314942: Filing Date: November 12, 2020: Status: New Application - Record Initialized Not Assigned To Examiner: Status Date: November 16, 2020 And even in New Jersey at that location, I've been stressing just on my own little tiny bubble of a world that I live in that a lot of these people are getting the pizza for their first time ever to-go, and we're busy, and the pizzas are sitting before they pick them up or whether they're driving with them. That's a big concern when we're talking about high-quality food. But so far, what I'm seeing is like bits and pieces of things. But no. Tony Mangieri: Yeah. I want to talk about the current state of the world that we're in and the impact it's having on your business and on the restaurant business in general. ", Critics awed by Mangieri’s “textbook perfect,” “peak” and “hypnotic” pizza mention him in the same breath as Thomas Keller, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud. The morning the column published, Mangieri had 30 customers waiting outside his door when he opened the bakery. There's no income. The restaurant was featured last season in episode 5." "Anthony," he told him, "you know you're going to come back to New Jersey. What were the first thoughts that went through your mind? An avid mountain biker fond of the rolling hills of nearby Huber Woods Park, he says he's been eyeing Atlantic Highlands for years. Five years later, he moved again, this time even farther away, to San Francisco. Instead, he got into baking. (One even compared his airy, thin crust compositions to Chopin’s.). For us, we definitely are a sit-down restaurant. And since Richer lives 15 minutes away in Middletown, he'll be able to follow those wafting aromas to First Avenue whenever he wants. Right there, I'm cutting out a lot of expense, and I'm able to keep some kind of cash flow going by just really running super lean. Tony Mangieri: Yeah. Atlantic Highlands OKs million-dollar waterfront homes plan; opposition 'disappointed', Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. More: Atlantic Highlands OKs million-dollar waterfront homes plan; opposition 'disappointed'. "I'm so pumped to just go back and say, 'If you want my pizza, this is where I'm at,'" he said. And that's just another dynamic that our restaurant isn't really equipped to handle. He often uses classic Caputo flour, but says that he doesn't think the flour is as good as it used to be ("I feel it used to have more elasticity and pop and used to have more flavor.") So a year ago he returned to New York. 646-692-3475 Open Now Full Hours Are you the owner? In his review Wells confesses to be "unnerved" by a "rumor that Mr. Mangieri was thinking of leaving the city and taking his pizza with him." That fallback loomed as a real possibility one particularly bleak day in the winter of ‘96. For right now, I only know what I can do for myself and what I can make sure is actually for real, which is doing whatever you got to do to pay your personal bills and survive to some degree. When he ran out of dough — enough for about 70 to 80 pizzas a night — it was Ciao, baby, see you tomorrow. I'm not informed enough to know which one I would say to follow and the chase down. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. So, they're smart if they just kind of work with you. Mangieri had plans to open it up for on-site dining this fall, but current pandemic-related restrictions have delayed that. Four nights a week, Anthony Mangieri creates what many consider among the best pizza in America at Una Pizza Napoletana, a nondescript, spartan restaurant carved out of a San Francisco auto garage South of Market. Pete Wells, the restaurant critic for The New York Times, has called Mangieri “the Mies van der Rohe of Manhattan pizzaioli.” Jersey translation: This dude is the Springsteen of artisanal pizza makers. By 1995 he was putting his newly acquired skills to the test in a little Neapolitan-style bread shop he opened on Monmouth Street in downtown Red Bank. I don't think it's really in anybody's head to go down to the Lower East Side and get takeout. It's not worth even going through that or putting yourself out like that. Both Anthony Mangieri, chef and co-owner of Una Pizza Napoletana and chef Daniele Uditi of Pizzana in Los Angeles work with Italian milling companies to produce their … Others are simply overjoyed by the news, which has been printed in plain view for a few weeks now on an inconspicuous poster outside the new restaurant, where a major renovation is well underway. So, who really is Mangieri, why he's called the pizza pope, and what is all the hysteria around his magical pizza-making skills? I mean it makes you tough I guess, but I'm willing to do whatever I’ve got to do to get by. Though he praised Mangieri's "extraordinary" pizza as possibly better than ever, his one-star review called the new UPN "a pizzeria at war with itself." Anthony Mangieri, who left his home state for the big city 15 years ago and took the New York and San Francisco food world by storm with his single-minded pursuit of Neapolitan pizza perfection, is coming home. “It’s a small town. Una Pizza Napoletana is serving its iconic pies to-go in the wake of COVID-19. Well, that's fantastic. And when that eventually failed — as Mangieri was sure it would — well, working as a janitor wouldn’t be so bad, he thought. ", "It's a rare case of a restaurant getting less creative and less ambitious and seeing its rating go up," Wells said.